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At Kidsville, our programs transition your child through the most informative years of their lives.

Through our various programs, starting at 18 months, your child will be exposed to an array of colors, shapes, sounds, and tactile experiences, working with clay and paints, which tops the list. Outside they will play on age appropriate structures to thrill them while developing their motor skills and increasing their physical strength.  


As they transition to the preschool program, the children begin their real intellectual journey. They now have an opportunity to use computers and will begin learning to read and write through the use of our phonics program.

Before going off to elementary school, the preschoolers participate in a full-fledged graduation ceremony with caps and gowns.

This unique curriculum, taught by our dedicated teachers, means that every child is empowered to acquire the skills they need to become responsible members of their community, creative problem-solvers and lifelong learners.